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Ishmael-Inspired Filmmaker Completes Animated Film About Food Production and Population Growth

Nathan Carey has completed production of a short animated film which capsulizes the crucial issues of population growth and food production. The film summarizes Daniel Quinn's ideas regarding the inextricable link between the two issues, and the necessity to raise awareness of that relationship in order to begin dealing with the population crisis. The film is Carey's first substantial piece of work.

Carey first began work on the film as a 90 second short entitled "Food Race", which was made while he was in his final year as an animation student at Sheridan College. Carey explains, "Fueled by Ishmael and New Tribal Venture's Food Production and Population Growth Videos, I attacked the problem of trying to present these new ideas in a short format, ie 1 to 2 minutes. Daniel Quinn's books and ideas have inspired me to become active in my world. I intend to continue making films based on Quinn's work."

To view the film, visit Nathan's page on Open Eyes. View screenshots from the film or contact Nathan Carey for more information or if you have any trouble viewing the film.

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