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The Friends of Ishmael Society is an organization focused on publicizing the work of Daniel Quinn, award-winning author of Ishmael, My Ishmael, Story of B, Beyond Civilization, and other important works. Quinn’s writings offer startlingly powerful views on the growing problems facing humanity today, their roots, and how we can begin to create a new, sustainable vision for the future.

The Friends of Ishmael Society was established in January 2002 as a way to help coordinate and offer tools to the many readers throughout the world working to spread Daniel Quinn’s message. It was originated by, and is organized and coordinated directly by, readers who were inspired to spread the word. While Daniel Quinn is aware of the Society, he plays no active role in it. The Friends of Ishmael Society was set up entirely by readers, and receives no funding or donations of any kind from Daniel Quinn or his publisher. For information on Quinn himself, and to find more information on his work itself, you may visit Ishmael's Community.

The Ishmael's Community website serves as an extensive storhouse of information on Quinn's books and other examples of his writings. The Friends of Ishmael Society website, in contrast, is far more focused on providing material for readers who wish to take action and increase readership. We maintain this website and raise funds in order to provide tools and ideas that help increase readership of Daniel Quinn’s work and connect readers with each other, as well as with other important active organizations. Furthermore, we are in the process of applying for nonprofit status, which will offer a valuable solid base from which Quinn readers can work to promote his work. We believe that spreading awareness of Ishmael’s crucial message is vital to enabling our culture to move towards a vision that will protect the world as a place in which future generations can survive.

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