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Two long-time readers of Daniel Quinn's work, Dr. Howard Ditkoff and Mr. Brian Wilgenbusch, established The Friends of Ishmael Society shortly after meeting through The Ishmael Network. The Society combines input collected over several years from countless colleagues and friends throughout the world.

Picture of Dr. Howard Ditkoff

Dr. Howard Ditkoff

Dr. Howard Ditkoff is a personal (life) coach, group/organizational/business consultant and trainer through his company, Emergent Associates, LLC. The company's formation and methods have both been inspired greatly by the ideas of Daniel Quinn and it seeks to share knowledge and understanding to support people in discovering satisfaction and success. Dr. Ditkoff holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a medical degree from Wayne State University. He has experience in the fields of medicine, business, psychology and education. Dr. Ditkoff has been involved in several projects related to the work of Daniel Quinn, including serving as the co-founder of the Detroit Ishmael group and founder of the Ishmael Publicity Network in November, 2001.

You can learn more about Howard at his website,

Picture of Brian Wilgenbusch

Brian Wilgenbusch

Mr. Brian Wilgenbusch began his involvement with Ishmael through the Atlanta Leavers organization, while attending Georgia Institute of Technology, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering. During this period, he studied many topics pertaining to sustainability and developed a system to track and reduce material and energy flows through various factories in cooperation with Interface, Inc. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Dayton in Ohio. Mr.Wilgenbusch currently works at General Motors, where he helps develop products that decrease environmental impact. Mr. Wilgenbusch is also a co-founder of the Detroit Ishmael group.

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