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Daniel Quinn's Writings Help Inspire Multiple Songs From Michigan Songwriter

Edric Haleen is a songwriter who, as of this writing, has been competing in online songwriting challenges for five years. And he has now written two songs which draw heavily on the influence of Daniel Quinn and his collected writings.

In June of 2009, when prompted to "write a march" for the old Masters of Song Fu competition at Quick Stop Entertainment, Edric wrote a song entitled "Whispered In Your Ear" -- a march "sung" by Mother Culture, as depicted in Daniel Quinn's trilogy of Ishmael, The Story of B, and My Ishmael.

Then, in this month, August of 2013, when prompted to write a song based on a photograph for the SpinTunes songwriting competition, Edric wrote a song entitled "Reality" -- a sprawling composition that examines aspects of the Taker culture as if it were featured beneath the harsh lighting of a carnival sideshow.

(Edric also revealed a bit of the influence of Quinn's works in one of the sections of this song, as well. But there it's more of a spot-treatment than a main focus.)

Learn more about music inspired by Ishmael and Daniel Quinn.

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