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Seattle Band "Rishloo" Takes on Mother Culture

As many of Quinn's readers can attest, it's difficult to see the world in the same light after reading Ishmael. Such was the case for the Seattle-based band Rishloo.

With the release of their debut album, Terras Fames, comes an intense, original sound and a voice for those who have been condemned to silence by the self-destructive expectations of our society. Though lesser allusions to the concepts presented in Ishmael can be found throughout the album, the strongest inspirational ties are apparent in the song, “Narcissist Code” and the title track, “Terras Fames.”

As Rishloo continues to grow, its members hope to continue to inspire others to aspire to the unconventional and to make manifest the dream of a better world.

To learn more about Rishloo, please click the image below to visit the band's website:


Learn more about music inspired by Ishmael and Daniel Quinn.

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