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Ishmael Inspires Stand-Up Comic To New Heights

Longtime political and social satirist Arlo Stone has never been lacking for jokes about what he was opposed to. It's plain as day from seeing his act; he is against just about everything that has arisen from the idea that more taking and consuming will fix what ails us. And that act has taken him to great heights, including appearances at the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, The Jenny McCarthy Show and Comedy Day in San Francisco, along with weekly submissions to Politically Incorrect and Dennis Miller Live to his credit. The problem for him was always a lack of clarity regarding an agreeable alternative to our current lifestyle.

Enter Daniel Quinn. Finally!

Turned on to Ishmael and the stories that follow, Arlo has begun complimenting his scathing indictment of our culture with what's always been missing from his act - The antidote! In just a few shows since reading Quinn's books, Arlo's comedy of dissent has been infused with a hopeful illustration of a way out thanks to the ideas of Daniel Quinn and audience response has been fantastic! Without new ideas, hearing about what's wrong with living as a "Taker" isn't much fun, no matter how funny. However, armed with "another way" that feels good AND makes undeniable sense, what was a comedy show devoted largely to the problems of our culture has suddenly become a glimpse into a happier life. By incorporating the ideas of Daniel Quinn into his own unique "story" and then telling others about it on stage, Arlo is taking everyone's frustration (including his own) and showing how it can be used productively instead; as a call to live in a better way, and his message is leading to exciting results!

Arlo, after every show, asks anyone who enjoyed what he or she heard to leave their email address on comment cards he provides, so that next time he's in town he'll notify them so they can see him again. He then tells the crowd, whether they love him or not, that if his message on stage about living in this world in a different way was something they found not only interesting, but perhaps something they might want to hear a little more of, they can do so simply by getting a copy of the book that has begun to change a lot of lives for the better, just like his.

It's a book called "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn.

Stone has been spreading this message to hundreds of people every week. As he comments, "Many of those in my audience are probably hearing these ideas for the first time, but certainly not the last. Because this isn't just my story. This is our story. And the more we tell it, the more who need to hear it do."

Just like Arlo. Just like you.

You can learn more about Arlo Stone and his comedy at his website

What can you do if you want to hear "our story" at a comedy club near you? What can you do to help Arlo spread the word? Easy.

  1. Call your local comedy club. If you can, have a few people call. Tell the manager that you and all your friends want to see Arlo Stone badly. Chances are pretty good the manager will have heard of him already; he's been doing this for twelve years!

  2. Drop Arlo an E-mail at or visit his website at Simply let him know what club you contacted and when, and he'll not only follow up on your call, but he'll let you know what week he'll be there and how all of "Ishmael's students" receive drastically discounted (if not 100% free) tickets to the show!

  3. A portion of all proceeds from the show (10% minimum) will then go directly toward copies of "Ishmael" to be distributed both at the show itself and to your group. Any group members wishing to leave a contact number to accompany the free books given away at the show may also do so; thus the lasting effect of Arlo's appearance in your city will be to have fostered still more interest in these ideas as well as (hopefully) increased local group membership.

    Learn more about comedy inspired by Ishmael and Daniel Quinn.

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