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A Chicago Tribune Editor Publishes Article on Ishmael and Its Impact

On July 13, 2013, in its Lifestyles section, the Chicago Tribune published an article by Pete Reinwald entitled “'Ishmael' by Daniel Quinn and the movement it inspired.”

Previously a “source editor for consumer-finance national content and for the ‘Money’ portion of Sunday's Tribune Money & Real Estate section," Reinwald is now lead editor for the newspaper's e-books project, as well as an editor for its books section, called "Printers Row Journal" - the section in which his essay was published. His interests include “wellness, wholeness…and a host of religious and spiritual traditions.”

In his article, Reinwald not only covers the story that Ishmael tells and its crucial message, but the story of how he came upon the book himself and the impact it had on him and some others. He also shares some examples of what the book has inspired throughout the world, including: One of the most impressive aspects of Daniel Quinn’s work is that, beyond conveying the important ideas contained in the work itself, it has – to an extent far greater than is usual for any author’s work - directly inspired many meaningful, concrete actions in a variety of areas. This site is largely about sharing those stories of what Quinn’s work has catalyzed and connecting interested people to them and to each other. Reinwald’s article helps do the same, even as it itself becomes another such story.

Learn more about how Ishmael and Daniel Quinn are showing up in newspapers.

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