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Daniel Quinn Discusses Ishmael on Oprah Winfrey Show

It isn't often that you turn on Oprah Winfrey and learn about the importance of indigenous peoples to human survival or about humanity's assault on the community of life. Yet, as it is so good at doing, Ishmael managed to get these views out to a wide audience when Oprah invited Mr. Quinn to appear on her show in 1996. Quinn appeared along with fellow authors Alice Walker and Sarah Ban Breathnach. After Quinn's appearance, Ishmael jumped to #38 on book sales lists.

The story of how Quinn ended up on Winfrey's show is a classic tale of how Ishmael's message spreads. For several years, readers had written to or sent Oprah a copy of Ishmael, with no response. Even her friend Whoopi Goldberg was unable to inspire her to finally read the book. But, one day, after all of these previous contacts, a copy of Ishmael appeared on Oprah's doorstep, apparently left by a fan in Chicago. Oprah took this as the final impetus to read the book, and once she did she promptly invited Quinn to appear, inspired by his ideas.

Read a transcript of Daniel Quinn's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

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