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SubstanceTV DVD Video Magazine Features Interview With Daniel Quinn

SubstanceTV is a unique Multimedia Production and Publishing Company based in Austin, Texas. They are the creators of an innovative video magazine, put out on DVD, which "celebrates the diversity and creative force of our culture..." and are "committed to gathering, producing and delivering high-quality video content that transcends the sound-bite mentality of mass media to explore the richness and diversity of the world around us."

The introductory issue of SubstanceTV was launched in November 2001 and ten issues will be released. The second issue, number 02.1, features a video interview with Daniel Quinn entitled "One New Idea: Author Daniel Quinn and the Birth of Ishmael". In it, Quinn discusses a variety of issues including education, law, Taker culture, and his own personal life with his wife, Rennie.

You may visit the website for the article to view a brief description of the interview, followed by seven short clips in Real Video format. To learn more about SubstanceTV, visit their website.

Learn more about how Ishmael and Daniel Quinn are showing up on video.

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