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Upcoming Activities A Daniel Quinn Inspired Online Portal For Change

Many people feel that we, as humans, need to make some changes. We are unhappy with the present systems that we live in, but feel trapped, and therefore, we just continue on day-to-day in the same ways. It just seems like too much of an uphill battle and most of us can't even fathom were to begin. is an interactive web portal that sets its sights on change by using leverage - leverage in the form of changing peoples' minds. Daniel Quinn says, "Defeat a thousand enemies and you still have a thousand enemies. Change a thousand minds and you have a thousand allies". The creators of this site believe that once enough minds are changed, the systems will also change. features articles, news, book reviews, and a forum for the exchange of ideas. Visitors are encouraged to participate by "Speaking their Minds" and suggesting new resources to keep the site growing. Please visit soon!

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