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A New Magazine About Systems-Thinking and Sustainability Influenced by Daniel Quinn

Mark. S Meritt has founded a new online magazine of interest to Ishmael readers. The magazine is called Mosaic -- A Magazine of Arts, Sciences & Everything in Between. It deals with the systems perspective on various aspects of Mother Culture's vision and how we can learn to share a new vision. For those of us with "new minds," as well as for those "old minds" that are open to a new perspective, Mosaic offers another source of information. The magazine will enjoy contributions from writers and editors worldwide, however it will have a personal slant to its stories.

Mr. Meritt is a writer and composer who received a Theatre Arts degree from Cornell. More recently, he received a masters degree in Bioethics, Science and Society from the City University of New York. He is currently expanding his thesis on unsustainability, which was directly influenced by the work of Daniel Quinn, into a book.

Visit the magazine at Mosaic.

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