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'Ishmael' Inspires New Mind and New

Daniel Quinn's revolutionary book, Ishmael, has become a popular reading list item for college students at environmentally conscious colleges and universities. In 2000, Krystle C. was one of those students. While at first not tremendously impacted by its provocative view of sustainability, the ideas lingered in her mind. A year and a half later, Krystle took a break from school to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life. It was then that Ishmael blew her mind.

While working at a bookstore, Krystle explored various books on sustainability, and studied related topics as well. She dabbled in environmental economics, deep ecology, and sustainable development, the last of which really struck a chord with her. She'd learned from reading Ishmael and other works by Daniel Quinn that programs were never going to change things, so she started focusing on what could. And finally she realized that a career in sustainable development and green architecture would be the perfect way for her to make a lasting difference in the world.

Eager to share her experiences with others, Krystle created a website called, mirroring the Leaver mentality that "there is no one right way to live." She's now gone back to school to pursue her sustainable career goals and has also begun working directly in the field. She continues to develop her "new mind" and shares her findings in the monthly newsletter, which was begun on Earth Day 2003, and has been sent out on the 22nd of each month ever since.

You can see and sign up for the newsletter at, where you can also find articles, book reviews, interviews, and links. Krystle C. can be reached by writing to

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