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PeopleShare Networks - An Invitation To Help Build A Supportive Economic Network

A Supportive Economic Network

In his works My Ishmael and Beyond Civilization, Daniel Quinn discusses the importance of an economy based on the idea of giving and receiving support, as well as the concept of the tribal business. As Quinn describes on page 175 of My Ishmael, tribal economies prosper through a focus on getting needs and wants met...
"through a more or less constant low-level exchange of energy between adults and youngsters in such a subtle way that they hardly even notice. (Friends, families and neighbors are part of a tribal economy when they help each other out...'without strings attached.') In this way, tribal people manage to govern themselves quite effectively without making or selling anything. A system based on exchanging products inevitably channels wealth to a few, and no governmental change will ever be able to correct that. It isn't a defect of the system. It's intrinsic to the system."
One of the major obstacles to creating such an economy in today's culture is the need for a coordination point through which individuals, small businesses, and organizations can find others willing to freely share their services in such a model. The new PeopleShare Network will serve that purpose, and seeks a variety of participants who wish to explore a "service based support economy" and to help set it up as a nonprofit. You are invited to participate in creating this network, as described at the end of this story. Furthermore, you may contact Linda Burkhead at for more information.

How PeopleShare Networks Will Work

The PeopleShare Network will consist of a constantly updated, high-volume network of participants - local people who are willing to give support and get support from each other. It will provide a coordination point through which members of the network can find others with a variety of skills to take on projects as diverse as helping with a website, delivering groceries or making household repairs. In return, members will offer their services and talents to the others in the community. Participants would pay a small annual fee for access to the system.

PeopleShare Networks is the result of ten years of research by Linda Burkhead. Linda brings experience as a professional recruiter, which gives her a "birds-eye view" of our culture and an understanding of the many injustices in our current economic system. She has also worked as an activist against birth defects, world hunger and nuclear power plants. Her undergraduate work is in Behavior in Organizations and Change with a minor in Marketing from the Whitemore School of Businesses at UNH in Durham, NH. Linda now seeks others from a variety of backgrounds to take PeopleShare to the next level.

People working for Creating Community, Economic Justice, Cooperative Economics, the Environment, and Popular Education (natural apprenticeships) may be most interested in this opportunity.

How You Can Get Involved

The following types of experience, talent and knowledge needed to build this network into a nonprofit organization:

  • Successful grant research and writing experience
  • Organization development experience in Political Action and Direct Service strategies
  • Marketing, Sales and Public Speaking experience
  • Volunteer Management experience
  • Hi-tech hardware and software experience
  • Paradigm Shifters, Brainstormers, Concensus team players
  • Concerned with cultural values and trends
  • Legal and accounting expertise for new innovations
If you are interested, contact Linda Burkhead at for more information. Also, please inform others who you feel would be excited about this project and have some of the skills and experience listed above.

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