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Digital Tribalism With Tribal Dawn

Gutenberg's movable type printing press changed European society forever. By reducing the price of publication, reading was opened up to a much larger audience. The demand for material written in the vernacular not only relegated Latin to science and diplomacy, it also gave rise to the idea of normative dialects, and created what we now consider "German," "English," "Spanish" and "French" by obliterating rival forms. This, along with the rise of novels and newspapers, gave rise to patriotism, nationalism, and the concept of a "nation." It was, perhaps more than anything else, the printing press that ended the Middle Ages and began the Renaissance.

The Internet may be just as ground-breaking as Gutenberg's printing press ever was. Originally created amongst the world's computer science universities, there should be little surprise that the free software, or "open source" movement was its first major innovation. GNU/Linux and its suite of open source products have irrevocably changed the software industry by promoting community and sharing to produce software; in essence, the tribalization of code. Open source has successfully stood up to the most powerful corporations on earth, and forced even the most entrenched pundits to reconsider the ideas of ownership and leadership that civilization is based on. The phenomenon is growing. Internet communities like Creative Commons and the "Blogosphere" are spreading this open source mentality of community and sharing into literature, music, and even journalism.

Tribal Dawn is jumping right into the thick of it. A tribal business inspired by Daniel Quinn's writing, Tribal Dawn was founded on the premise that all civilization needs is an example that there really is another way to live. Tribal Dawn is making that happen, and making their living by adding fuel to the fire of the Post-Gutenberg revolution.

In the same way that diversity was the lynchpin of foragers' success even in places civilization could not exist, Tribal Dawn hinges its future on diversity. Originally conceived of as a computer game company with members dreaming of games that would form the digital mythology of a New Tribalism, Tribal Dawn currently is supported primarily from its web design and development endeavors. Producing web applications trhat make online publication even easier, Tribal Dawn provides a great service for the entire online community, as well as forming a powerful application base for quickly building and deploying client websites. Most of Tribal Dawn's applications, web and desktop alike, are open source, released under the GNU General Public License, and distributed freely over the Internet.

Right now, Tribal Dawn is in the early stages of development, so this grand experiment to prove tribalism to the world is far from making its point yet. But be sure to bookmark; it's sure to soon become a major point of interest not just for the New Tribal Revolution, but for the whole Internet.

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