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Friends of Ishmael Society and Outreachbooks Sponsor Monthly Ishmael Community Action to Send Books To Influential People

The Friends of Ishmael Society and Outreachbooks have come together to provide Ishmael readers with a monthly event to promote the reading of Ishmael to those who have great power. At the beginning of every month, the website will post the name and address of a company, politician, media outlet, celebrity, organization, etc. to which all people of the community can send a letter or e-mail encouraging the individual to read Ishmael. Outreachbooks will send this person or organization a copy of the book, and hopefully the numerous emails will make it more likely the person will actually read the book.

By working together, this monthly event will give all people who want to share Ishmael the opportunity to do so in a cooperative fashion. We have the chance to come together as a community, to feel a part of something larger, and to change people's minds who have the power and leadership ability to make even greater changes. By no means do we want this to become the only way in which you promote the book; rather, we hope this will become an addition to everyone's effort to make Ishmael known to the world.

For more information, visit the Monthly Ishmael Community Action webpage.

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