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Do you have a flyer that you have used to help encourage others to read Ishmael? Did you create a great Ishmael bumper sticker or put up a display table at a public event promoting Daniel Quinn's work? Know of a way to increase the number of teachers using Ishmael in the classroom? Or do you just have an idea on how others can more effectively spread the word about this new vision?

Why limit the use of your tool or idea to just your neighborhood when it can be used all over the world. Please share your ideas and tools so that other readers from all around the globe can benefit and use them. Working together in an interconnected way, we can spread a new vision much faster than we can working separately.

Please send us:

  • Ideas for getting Ishmael and Daniel Quinn promoted on commercial or public access television, in the newspaper, or through advertising.
  • Ideas or examples of banners promoting Daniel Quinn's work.
  • Ideas on how to more effectively distribute books, whether through organizations or individually.
  • Especially powerful reviews of Quinn's work that would encourage new readers, while not giving away the whole story.
  • Ideas, examples, or pictures of displays promoting Ishmael.
  • Flyers or pamphlets designed to spread the word.
  • Promotional products such as t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, or any other item promoting Quinn's work.
  • Your personal review of how Quinn's work affected you that you'd like to share with others.
  • Signs or slogan ideas for signs promoting Ishmael.
  • Ideas or examples of videos promoting Ishmael, whether they be VHS tapes, computerized videos (MPEG, AVI, etc.), or any other form of video.
  • Ideas on encouraging teachers to use Ishmael in their classrooms.
  • Tools that assist teachers in using Ishmael in class.
  • Quotes from teachers or students who have experienced the power of Quinn's work in the classroom.
If you have any of these, or any other ideas or tools to share, please send them to us!

The more information about yourself and the item that you can send, the better. If you are unsure, please look at the other examples already posted for ideas on what we are looking for and what type of information to include with your item. Feel free to contact us with any questions at all with which we can help. Thanks for helping spread the word and sharing your tools with readers all across the world!

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