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  Student & Teacher Testimony

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Ishmael In Education

Student & Teacher Testimony

Teaching Aids

If a teacher is skeptical of teaching Ishmael in the classroom, this page is bound to change his or her mind. It contains testimonies of Ishmael's positive influence on students and good Ishmael classroom experiences of teachers. These quotes were sent directly to us from students and teachers in the community.

For even more quotes and tools, visit the Ishmael Companion For The Classroom.

Are you a student who benefitted from Ishmael in school? Are you a teacher who has experience teaching it to your students. Send us a comment about your experience!


"I was first introduced to Ishmael in my Junior year of high school in an ecology class. We spent a few weeks reading it, but by the end of that time I had finished it and My Ishmael. Since then, I've read The Story Of B and I have Beyond Civilization on the way right now. Had my teacher not assigned the book, I might never had read the ideas in it and the other books. She introduced me to a whole new way of seeing the world and our culture."
-Mike Ward, student, Lincoln Park, MI


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