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Two more resources that you can use to help increase readership are free online excerpts of Daniel Quinn's books and reader reviews of his books.

Free Quinn Book Excerpts

Often, potential readers are intrigued about Ishmael and Quinn's other books, but not enough to shell out the money for a copy. Perhaps, not even enough to go down to the library and pick up a copy. That is why it is very useful to direct them to the free online excerpts that are available at
Ishmael's Community. Although they cannot read entire books by Quinn online (due to copyrights), they can read the first 15 or more pages, often enough to add to the curiosity.

Quinn Reader Reviews

It is often interesting for new readers to see how Quinn's ideas have been considered by others. There are hundreds of reviews of Quinn's books available throughout the web, in newspapers and in magazines. Here are just a few: