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Please send us any other ideas you have to increase readership of Ishmael and Quinn's other work. Email Signatures

Changing minds takes repetition and countless subtle mentions of new ideas. One great way to reach many people repeatedly and subtly is by putting Ishmael in your email signature. These are the little quotes that can be automatically added to every email you send out. In Outlook you simply to go your tools/options menu, and click on the signature tab. Then type in the message you want to be at the bottom of each email.

You can use a particularly intriguing quote from one of Quinn's books, a statistic that will get them thinking, or just get to the point and tell them to read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. You can also put a link to a website such as or in the signature. For ideas on what to say, look at the slogans on the Junk Mail Stickers. One extremely effective email signature is the following:

Get a job, make some money, work till you're sixty, then move to Florida and die. There must be more to life than this! Ever wonder what's missing? Visit
Another effective email signature is:

Getting a little frustrated with the old rat race? Feel like there must be more to life than this? Ever wonder what's missing? Tired of the incomplete solutions offered by pills, self-help books and salesmen posing as gurus? Visit

Ishmael Money

What would get anyone's attention in today's sociey? MONEY!!! So lets make informative Ishmael money and distribute it to friends, family, at work, events, parades, and schools. Although it can't look real enough to be mistaken for money, it should look real enough to get someone's attention. One side can look like real money, and the other side can have information about Ishmael (why to read it and local group info).

Print page one of this file, enter the message in the appropriate cells, and then print page two on the back side of the paper!

Junk Mail Revenge

Tired of getting junk mail? Send the junk back! Junk mail often comes with prepaid return postage, so let's return those credit card applications with a message inside! You can use any of the slogans in this tools section, or simply write READ ISHMAEL BY DANIEL QUINN throughout the application. Whatever you write, convince them that reading Ishmael is in their best interest, as well as their co-workers'. They may throw out one or two or three, but when they get five or six, someone is going to wonder who this Daniel Quinn character is. But BE CAREFUL, just replying may obligate you in some way, so read the fine print first.

To make it even easier for you to send back your Ishmail,
Courtney Morrison of the Detroit Ishmael Leavers has contributed several stickers which you can print out and simply stick onto your mail to return. She also even put up this sign at her place of work, so that she could collect the junk mail reply cards from coworkers to spread the word even further. Courtney suggests printing these stickers out on Avery Sticker Paper Template 8163, which you can get at your local printing or office supply store.

Download flyer Stats showing our culture isn't working well, then Read Ishmael

Download flyer Creating a culture our children aren't dying to escape from, our anti-drug. Read Ishmael!

Download flyer Hate your job, long hours, low pay. Seek real solutions. Read Ishmael!

Download flyer Ishmael - Guaranteed to change your life!

Download flyer Teacher seeks pupil. Read Ishmael!

One from Steve Hinchey from Norwich, Connecticut:

Download sticker Alter Your Perception! Visit ReadIshmael.Com

And one from us:

Download flyer Work till you're sixty then die. There must be more to life than this! Read Ishmael

Happy mailing!!


Wouldn't you love to see a thirty foot Gorilla strolling down the street?! Even if your float is simple, put SOMETHING together for the next hometown parade. It's free advertising and will turn heads merely out of curiosity. Use any tool on this site, such as flyers, pamphlets, promotional products, and banners. Have fun and reserve a spot in your next hometown parade today!

Talk Show Callins

Want to reach a larger audience but can't afford commercials? There is another way to reach a lot of people through the media free. Try calling in to TV and radio talk shows. For instance, one reader mentioned Ishmael on C-SPAN during a call in to a talk show. Another mentioned Ishmael on National Public Radio (NPR). A third, also calling in to National Public asked Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich about Ishmael.

Identify any talk show that is remotely related to Ishmael, and make points derived from Quinn. Continue to plug Ishmael and even your local Ishmael group until your time is up. Always mention that magical phrase "Ishmael by Daniel Quinn". The nice thing about Ishmael is Quinn's ideas are so broad, there is a way to bring them up in almost any conversation while still staying on topic.

Telemarketer Revenge

"So I haven't heard from this many telemarketers in months - could this be meant to be? Two last night, two before 9 this morning... In fact, I'm wasting precious telemarketer time right NOW! All four (thanx to my ex-telemarketing experience) were glad to hear my recomendation - and all four asked how to spell Ishmael. I think we've really got something here - share!"

Have you ever had a salesman hang up on you? We have! Once they have stated their intentions, interrupt them and say, "You should read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, it is related to your company (or cause). Make sure to get your co-workers to read it too." Or ask them, "Aren't you tired of making repetitive calls 40 hours a week for the profit of a few greedy people just so you can put food on your table? You should read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Check out It explains why you are forced to work a pointless job for minimal pay." Several times, the advertiser has asked us to repeat the author's name while they wrote it down, and forgot why they called! Other times, they eventually hung up on us - what a twist!

You can say anything, as long as the words Ishmael by Daniel Quinn are repeated and you remain in control of the conversation. This is actually a great way to relieve stress, improve your communication skills, improve your Ishmael convincing abilities, and even a lot of fun. Try it next time a salesman wakes you up at 8 am on a saturday morning, you will thank us!

Again, don't worry about whether the person hangs up and buys Ishmael immediately. You are planting a seed, and if many of us do this, odds are somebody is going to hear Ishmael by Daniel Quinn a second or third time and get real curious.

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