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The power of the visual medium to change minds is abundantly evident in our culture, where television and Hollywood reach more minds than any other methods in history. There are many examples in which a video presentation is more effective than simply a verbal or literary one. For instance, many companies use short concise videos as a means to convey their mission to clients or potential employees.

There are existing videos available that you can use to open people's eyes to Daniel Quinn and his ideas. In addition, a great tool that you could make would be a short video that explains why people should read Ishmael and where they can go once they do for more support. Often, we feel strongly about Ishmael, but when the time comes to explain why, we have a hard time remembering all of the specific reasons to convince someone. A concise video that readers could show to their friends and families would make this process much easier. There are two main places that you could use the video format to reach many potential readers.

VHS Tapes For Television

Existing Videos

There are several different videos which can be used to open people's eyes to Daniel Quinn's ideas. You can show them to people you know, at group meetings, or
air them on public access television to reach a larger audience. You may also want to try adding something to the end with contact information for you or your local group.

Create An Ishmael Promotional Video

Given a group of Ishmael readers with the right complementary skills, a VHS promotional tape could be produced. This tape would explain the history of Ishmael, the
powerful examples of how it has changed lives, how it will benefit someone to read it, and direct them to resources where they can learn more, such as at Ishmael's Community, The Friends of Ishmael Society or to their local Ishmael groups.

This tape could be shown at presentations to various groups, in schools and to various other organizations that allow guest speakers. It could also be shown on public access television, or even on mainstream television as a commercial/infomercial.

If you are interested in creating such an Ishmael promotional video, please contact us.

Downloadable Flash/MPEG for Computer

Floating around on the internet are hundreds of short video clips created for use on the computer. They range from comedy clips to music videos to animated movies, and are available in different formats, including Flash and MPEG. Because of the exponential spread of communication via the internet, it is common for one well done or timely clip to become a fan favorite throughout the country as friends notify other friends of the web address of such a video. A simple humorous video can spread in a matter of days throughout the world, until friends across the country are all asking each other "...did you see the one at...".

Now imagine all of those folks sitting at work at their computers coming across a short video clip that explains how our basic cultural myths have led to them sitting at that desk forced to stare at that screen just for the privelege of eating. Imagine the millions of young computer wizards finding the new Flash video that explains in a matter of minutes why they don't quite understand the purpose of a lot of what they are forced to do in school. Now imagine as they become intrigued by this sudden find, and it explains that to learn more they should read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. And imagine as they email the link to that video to 10 of their friends, who email it to 10 of their friends, etc.

Unfortunately, no such video exists yet of which we are aware. However, it is certainly just a matter of time. If you are interested in helping to create such a video, or have seen one, please let us know. We will help you in any way that we can, and when you finish the video, we will be glad to host it on our site. Furthermore, we will try to put you in touch with any other programmers or producers that contact us so that you can work together.

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