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Why not campaign for Ishmael in the fall 2002 elections? Why not replace the "Lose Weight" and "Work at Home" signs with Ishmael signs? Read how.

  • Campaign Signs
  • Street Corner Signs

    Campaign Signs


    Are you tired of choosing between two political candidates who are mirror images of each other? Let's promote our candidate - ISHMAEL!!! That's right, our lovable gorilla just may have a chance!  He has real solutions to almost every issue facing society today, and who isn't ready for a change?

    Michael Moore, also disgusted with our choices, ran a political campaign for the "Ficus" (A HOUSEPLANT!) in 2000 for a Congressional seat in New Jersey's 11th District. Without his intervention, inspired people throughout the nation ran at least twenty-one potted plants as write-in candidates by the end of election, and actually got the majority of votes in several precincts (although it was thrown out)!

    This stunt made a great point about our political system, but sadly everyone already knows about Ficus plants, so the publicity for the candidate itself wasn't much needed. Let's use Ishmael instead, a candidate whose name needs to become a household name. Even if Ishmael doesn't get elected, think of the publicity. It may also create a chain reaction similar to the Ficus. This is bound to increase readership, either through direct advertisement or through the Buzz it creates. Lets start planning for the 2002 elections!

    An easy way to get votes is through the ever famous campaign signs. This page offers information about making your own campaign signs.

    Campaign Slogans

    Send us your campaign ideas, as well as slogans.

    How To Make A Campaign Sign

    Once you have a slogan and/or graphics, find businesses in your area that produce signs. They can be found in the Yellow Pages under "Signs", or on the internet. Although details vary by company, the general procedure is the same.

    There are two main choices for construction materials depending on your budget, desired strength, and quantity.

    1. Screen Printed - For low cost, low strength, and high quantities. Commonly used for campaign signs, signs can be screen printed in batches of 50+ for $15/ea or less depending on quantity. Typical size is 22"x28".

    2. Nylon CoroPlast (corrugated plastic) - high cost, high strength, and low quantities. Used for many store signs, this material can withstand most environments. It costs $15 - $30/ea depending on quantity, and standard size is 18"x24".

    Most companies make signs double-sided. They print two slogans side-by-side on one sheet, fold it in half over the stand (wire or wood), and staple it together.  The stand is usually included in the price.  Multiple colors will cost extra. Also, when making the graphics, you should know that most companies require that the graphics be made of lines, not shades. So use simple clip art, not pictures.

    Where To Put Your Campaign Sign

    Supporters of a candidate display campaign signs in their yard. They receive these signs from the election committee - that's you! You can take several approaches to get permission to display these signs.

    1. Best Location - Find a location that will get the most exposure and convince the owner that he/she should display this sign. Use the Reader Tools section to accomplish this.

    2. Proven Ishmael Supporters - Locate Ishmael supporters through a local group or the Ishmael Community Network.

    Good Luck, and tell us about your success!

    Street Corner Signs

    WORK AT HOME, MAKE $5000/wk! LOSE 50 LBS. IN ONE MONTH! See, we got your attention didn't we?! We see these signs at every street corner, so they must be effective. Lets make our own signs to advertise Ishmael. First, think of a catchy saying to write along with the graphics.

    Sayings include:

    Next, print out signs at a local printing store. The procedure is just about the same as with making a campaign sign. Finally, stick them in every street corner. Of course, only place these signs where it is legal or if you have received permission!

    Email us if you have more sayings or information on making street corner signs.

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