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Products surround us every day. If we can’t escape from them, we might as well replace them with products portraying our beliefs. Ishmael related promotional products are a way to raise money, draw people to events, and make people aware of Ishmael in your daily life. Use this page to download graphics that can be printed on products, spark ideas, or buy existing products. In addition, please let us know of additional product ideas.


What better way to promote Ishmael than with bookmarks?!? Stick them in books you loan to friends, even beyond Daniel Quinn. You couldn’t possibly use a bookmark for an entire book without noticing what it says! Give them to friends, family, hand them out at organizational tables, stock stores, libraries, and bookstores.

Several bookmarks with different pictures of Ishmael on top with suggested books.
Edit to include your own books or other books from Daniel Quinn's recommended reading list.

Send us your bookmark graphics for everyone to use!

Bumper Stickers

Who said bumper stickers are out of style?!? If you dare, sporting an Ishmael bumper sticker is one of the best ways to advertise Ishmael. How many times a day does someone pull up behind you, looking for something to catch his or her eye?  Bumper stickers are more effective today simply because less people have them.

We need your creativity to make a catchy bumper sticker. Talk about satisfaction, you could see it on roads throughout the country! Once you have made one, post it here. Anyone can download the file, print it on paper with adhesive on the back, and pass them out to everyone you know

Download Word Bumper Sticker Bumper sticker promoting and its link to Pearl Jam, Oprah and Ted Turner.

Download PDF Bumper Sticker Color bumper sticker directing viewers to Also available in black and white.

Download PDF Bumper Sticker This sample bumper sticker has the Ishmael graphic shown in the top left of this page, saying "B-Leaver ISHMAEL.ORG"

Download Word Bumper Sticker Bumper sticker tells viewers to Alter Your Perception by reading Ishmael - Stickers are 4.25" X 11", 2-per sheet. Works with "Office Depot Premium Selection Bumper Stickers" (product #922-811) as well as other brands. Thanks to Steve Hinchey from Norwich, Connecticut.


If you want to get people interested in Ishmael, you've got to use your head. Send us your hat graphics today. Anyone can then take these graphics to a company that makes promotional products to create his or her own hat. Hats and shirts can also be mass-produced to hand out or sell at any event or online.

You can buy a hat inspired by Beyond Civilization at

Shirts are printed with every other message, why not Ishmael? This is a perfect way to merge Ishmael into mainstream society. The more acceptable Ishmael becomes, the closer we are to making it a household name. Show your support by wearing an Ishmael shirt! It's a great way to get people coming up and asking you to explain what your shirt means, offering an opportunity to spread Ishmael further.

You can buy a Ishmael shirt at

We are looking for templates that everyone can use, so send us your shirt graphics today.


Stickers are another awesome idea, already being printed in cities such as Atlanta and Detroit.  Simply download the graphics below or create your own and print it on paper backed with adhesive. Pass them out to all your friends and cover your city! Stick them on backpacks, books, cars, bikes, windows, and even your own clothes. Use your imagination and stick them where people frequent. If you have any graphics to use for stickers, post them here.

Download Excel File- Walk Away StickerThis file has cool graphics- a bar code with someone breaking out of the bars, saying "Walk Away! Read Ishmael By Daniel Quinn".

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