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Libraries and colleges are full of people who gather to research, read, and most importantly to learn. This audience is most receptive to new ideas such as those in Ishmael. A great way to reach them is through display cases, tables and other exhibits! Almost all libraries and colleges have display cases in busy corridors and rooms that are available free to the public. Colleges often have events where organizations can book tables to display their information. Frequently, staff are looking for people to use them. Ishmael is a mainstream book that educates the public, making it the perfect candidate for these types of displays. The following topics help you set up a display in your area.

How to Book a Library Display Case or Table

Booking a display at a library is simple, yet requires planning. Simply look on the Internet or in the phone book for the address and phone number of the closest library branches. It is a good idea to visit the library before requesting a display case or table. Once you arrive, determine what display areas exist and which one you prefer. Then ask for the person who is responsible for booking the displays.

Once you contact them, ask them what display areas are available and when. Some are booked 2-3 months in advance, while others are available immediately. It depends on the size and location of the case or table and the popularity of the branch. Cases are usually booked one month at a time, from the first to last day of the month.

Don’t stop with one library! Since the hardest part is gathering items to fill a display, book several libraries in a row to get the most results for your effort.

How to Book a College Display Case or Table

The method to finding and booking display cases and tables in colleges is similar to libraries. The main difference is that college displays are often only booked out to student organizations. If you belong to an organization or know someone who does, ask an officer if they would be willing to sponsor your display. Otherwise, look up a list of student organizations on the school's web site, and find the one most connected to Ishmael’s message. This may be any social or environmental activist organization. Find a contact phone number and get in touch with this person. Explain that you need their help (people love to feel needed) to book a display.

Assure them that Ishmael is directly related to their organization and that others throughout the nation have made Ishmael displays before. If they have not read Ishmael, tell them to ask around. It's best to get another member or friend to verify the cause is legitimate rather than trying to convince them in a few minutes. You may also want to send them a few pamphlets or refer them to free Quinn excerpts. Once you have obtained support, all they have to do is book the display (or else use their name to book it yourself) and you will set it up.

Colleges also often have set events where many groups display their ideas in a central area. Be on the lookout for such events, so that you can sign up for a table. Often, this will allow you a chance to interact more personally with those viewing your display and even sell books or hand out pamphlets. You can even set up a TV to play Ishmael videos and advertisements or play Ishmael inspired songs on the radio at your table.
How to Assure the Staff that Ishmael is Appropriate

To ensure that you will be allowed a display, it is important to be prepared before you even talk to a staff member. The usual rules of thumb apply, such as be prompt, polite, patient, and professional. Furthermore, you should be prepared to answer questions about your cause.

If you are associated with a local Ishmael group, make sure to mention that you are an active member representing this organization. If not, mention that you are from the group that has agreed to sponsor your display. Finally, if you wish to say that you represent the Friends of Ishmael Society, please let us know what you intend to display so that we can approve your display. Also, point out that Daniel Quinn is very appropriate for a display. He is a mainstream author that published a series of popular books that have changed many lives. Assure them that it is philosophical, not a cult or religious. For more information on how to give a persuasive argument, visit the Friends of Ishmael Society promotional methods section.

What To Put In Your Display

The main goal of the display is to get attention, arouse curiosity, and make passersby intrigued enough to wonder why they have not read such a popular book. It will probably not be effective to try to convey Quinn’s message in such a small space, considering it took Quinn over a thousand pages to accomplish this and it is an extremely intricate message. Rather, we recommend focusing on getting the person to a point where they are just dying to understand what all the fuss is about or what this mysterious book is. Again, your main goal is to create curiosity.

There are a number of components that you can combine to create this effect. These include: